How it Works

Number 1

Create a Vendor Account

Purchase a monthly or yearly Vendor Subscription. Customize your storefront and configure your payment settings.

Number 2

List Your Items for Sale

You can sell almost anything produced by you, from handmade goods, to in person cultural experiences, and downloadable files like mp3s and e-courses.

Number 3

Share Your Store

Earn money doing what you love by selling directly to a local audience. Unleash your creative potential and build your own creative enterprise, on your terms.

Vendor Subscription Pricing

When you register as a vendor, you can choose from the yearly subscriptions options below, or try out our monthly subscription to get a taste of our amazing creative community. The monthly subscription is just $15/mo $7.57, and allows you to list up to 25 products.


Ideal for crafters, makers, bakers, and creators of artisan physical products.
$ 70
  • List up to 100 products
  • Low 3% commission per transaction
  • Sell tangible goods like art, home decor, jewelry, and more


Whatever you make, earn revenue from your creative pursuits.
$ 100
  • List unlimited products
  • Lowest 2.5% commission per transaction
  • Sell phycial and digital products
  • Create bookable events and scheduled experiences (coming soon!)


Great for musicians, authors, poets, and curators of bespoke experiences.
$ 70
  • List up to 100 products
  • Low 3% commission per transaction
  • Sell digital goods such as downloadable files, and electronic tickets


Take our marketplace for a test drive. All features included!
$ 7
57 Monthly
  • List up to 25 products
  • Only 4% commission per transaction
  • Sell tangible and digital goods in the Handmade and Culture categories