How It Works

Made in 757 is a multi-vendor marketplace. We enable local makers, artists, and other creative entrepreneurs from around Hampton Roads to build their own online storefront. Unlike Etsy, the unique items on our pages are all made right here in The 757. The best way to ensure that a thriving creative community exists is to buy from the amazing makers in that community. We make it easy to browse locally made goods from Williamsburg to Chesapeake, from Suffolk to Virginia Beach, and everywhere in between.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to create a storefront on Made in 757?
It’s free to create an account and set up a store. As of January 1, 2021, you will need a subscription to publish your products for sale.

Do you take a commission on items sold? Are there any fees to join or sell?
Yes and no, it depends on how your customer pays for their purchase on our site. In order to offset the cost of running this marketplace, we take a small commission on every transaction that we facilitate via our online payment system. Our payment processor (WooCommerce Payments/Stripe) charges a fee on these transactions, 2.9% + $0.30.

For items that are paid for in cash or check on delivery or pickup, there are no processing fees, and we do not take a commission.

Vendors are required to purchase a yearly or monthly subscription membership in order to sell physical and virtual goods on our site. This allows Made in 757 to continue upgrading the site and customizing the service for both vendors and customers. Our primary goal is to help the creative community make a living, so our subscriptions are about what it would cost to participate in a craft fair or vendor market, but we’re open 24/7/365. We think it’s a good deal. 😉

How do vendors get paid for selling an item?
Customers are able to choose how they pay for items via our online payment system and shopping cart. They can select to pay by check or cash in person during pickup/delivery, or with a credit card.

Vendors that make sales through our online payment system can have their proceeds sent directly to their bank, or to a PayPal account by requesting to be paid out from their earnings balance. Vendors are also able to use other payment processing systems such as Square to process payments outside of our website, but they will need to instruct customers on how to do so.

What items can be bought and sold on Made in 757?
Aside from a few obvious exceptions, if you can make it in Hampton Roads, you can sell it on Made in 757. We focus on creative goods, such as handmade items, artwork, and cultural goods like music, literature, and unique live and virtual experiences.

We do not resell other people’s creations, and we do not permit the sale of copyrighted material that you do not own the rights to. Derivative works are permitted, such as fanart and items made with licensed fabrics/materials, so long as the works are created in good faith. It is forbidden to sell drugs or drug paraphernalia, pornographic material, and weapons or other weapon-making tools and supplies.

Vendors that are found to be violating our Terms and Conditions will be immediately suspended from the platform. They will forfeit any unpaid earnings, and their storefront and all items will be deleted from the website.

Can I sell food on Made in 757?
If you are a food vendor, we only permit selling ready to eat food items if you are an inspected Home Food Processor or Commercial Food Processor registered with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Food-related kits that customers must prepare at home (such as cookie kits or drink mix-ins) are permitted to be sold without being a Home Food Processor. Please see the guidance from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services linked here. Any Home Food Processor vendor who wishes to sell ready to eat and fresh food items must indicate that they are inspected by the VDACS on their Made in 757 vendor profile and on each food product listed in their store.

Is there a minimum number of items a vendor must sell in their storefront?
There is no minimum. Vendors can sell as few as one item, or hundreds of items.

How do customers receive their items after purchasing?
Since we are a local marketplace serving a relatively consolidated geographic area, it is up to the vendor to communicate with the customer about options for local pickup or delivery. We are working to enable vendors to print pre-paid shipping labels so they may ship items that can not be picked up or delivered locally. Please check back for updates on shipping!

What is your return policy?
We do not have a site-wide return policy. Each store owner is able to determine their own terms for returning or refunding purchases.

Last update: May 2022.