How To: Add Product Variations

After you have created a new product, you may edit the product to add variations. Adding variations allows you to sell the same product but in different colors, sizes, volumes, quantities, or other permutations.

Select “Variable” from the Product Type drop down menu.

Choose which attribute you want to add to your product, or select “Custom Attribute”, then click the Add Attribute button.

If you created a custom attribute, give it a name (“Quantity”, “Options”, “Scent”, “Style” et al.) Then, input the values of that attribute, using the | character to separate them.

Your values will be displayed in the box. You can delete a value by clicking the “x”.

Make sure to click the “Save Attribute” button when you are done.

Now, you will need to create the variations from the different values. Select the attribute(s) you want to use to create a variation and click “Go”.

Click “Ok” to start creating variations.

Click “Ok” to accept the variations.

Congratulations – you now have product variations! But you’re not done yet…

Click on a row to add the details that are specific to that variation.

Make sure to add a price and other product details for each variation. You can also add an image for each variation.

When you are finished editing each variation, make sure to click “Save Variations”. Then, click “Save Product” at the bottom of the page.